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Fink taxi company – Experience from tradition


Our company’s roots extend back to the very beginnings of motorisation, when Munich was still a very tranquil, provincial city. Taxis were still called hackney carriages and were generally pulled by horses. However, there were already a few daring businesses using the new, revolutionary means of transport: the car. They wanted to offer a new, improved and faster form of service. It is precisely here where the story of Fink taxi company begins.

An ancestor bought a motorised hackney and began to transport passengers around the city. Even though there was no large airport back then, the transportation and care of businessmen and tradesmen was one of the primary sources of revenue. The wealthy social classes also naturally enjoyed this new and much faster form of motorised carriage.

It took until the year 1962 to uphold this tradition and re-establish it. The distant relative Norbert Fink bought a taxi concession and formed a taxi company in Munich. In the following years he expanded the company, putting it on a solid footing.

Businesstaxi-Munich - Fit for the future


In 1986, the son Axel-René Fink, took over the company together with his wife Elisabeth Gebhart-Fink. The business was subsequently expanded and developed to become a service provider with the highest standards. With a strong focus on the requirements of our business clients – reliable and punctual airport transfers, high-quality vehicles, discreet drivers and disposition, journey completion and monthly invoicing under one roof – the company was transformed into a modern, customer-oriented, customised service provider. With fast, seamless interplay between disposition and each employee, all of our customers enjoy the benefits, both today and in the future.

The crucial step in 2008 to offer a diverse range of services online was a logical and successful step in interpreting a classic taxi company in a new light.

In the year 2017 Tobias and Martina Fink have taken as partners on the reigns for the family business in the future.

The classic elements of a family business, such as solidarity, modesty and fairness towards customers and employees alike are practiced and respected. We all are proud to have remained an entirely family-run business to this day.

We aim to combine the best of past and present for our customers!

Quality management for our customers

As an established service provider, Businesstaxi-Munich operates a 3-stage quality management process for airport transfers, which has proved successful in everyday use.

Stage 1:

Each employee regards himself as a service-oriented provider, since, as full-time employees, they will only have a secure and profitable job if customers are satisfied.

Stage 2:

Each business customer has a designated point of contact to deal with the entire process for that specific customer and makes arrangements for any activities. As the person in charge of this customer, he undertakes everything possible to ensure the customer’s satisfaction.

Stage 3:

Quality Management is based directly within the company. Each customer can report any problems or complaints directly via the following email address: without the need to first speak with other locations or employees within the company.

These reports will be personally handled by the business owner.